Iran Handicrafts General Information

Iran general building information bank

The biggest information bank of Iran in the field of building industry
A safe entry for the introduction of building materials and services in Iran
Iran General Bulding Information

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Amiran International occupation center

Immigration consultation and services of Iran jobs (affiliated to Iran Holding)
Giving advice on obtaining visa types (student-tourist-work, etc.), temporary and permanent residence
Investment, Financial Consultation, Company Registration, and Immigration, and… are not necessarily difficult.

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Handicraft exhibition and shop

- The first and the largest comprehensive art and handicrafts shop
- Online international Exhibition in English
- An entry to make direct connection between Iranian artists and world markets

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Friendly Meeting of the Isfahan Handicrafts Union with the Presidency of Amiran

Friendly Meeting of the Isfahan Handicrafts Union with the Presidency of Amiran Yesterday, on January 28, 2019, a warm meeting was held in the presence of the chairman of the handicrafts trade union of Isfahan, Mr. Shirdeli and the honorable board of the Union of Handicrafts of Isfahan on plans and solutions of Amiran Holdings [...]
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Painting Exhibition of the Disabled

on Monday, January 1st, director of Iran's Holding Group, Dr. Sharifi visited the exhibition of paintings of disabled people in House of Artists in Isfahan, which was held with the assistance of the literary, media and artistic activist of Esfahan, Mr. Farid Salavati, acknowledging that the art of beloved Iran is worthy of the best; [...]
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Amidan Holdings (Amiran Kohan Diar)

Amidan Holdings (Amiran Kohan Diar) In the name of God Amiran Holdings group (Amiran Kohan Diar) is based on its basic mission, which is to empower and assist the vulnerable sectors of the society, and  with the beginning of the new academic season, established the Iranian handicraft charity market, focusing on the use of art [...]
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We are with you for ...

Holding group exhibitions

Nowhere in the world, are solo artists individually going to shows.

Money transfer

Due to lack of foreign currency accounts, money transfer is difficult and almost impossible for artists and craftsmen.

High costs

The cost of holding foreign exhibitions individually is exorbitant and non-economic for artists and craftsmen.

Profitable businesses

Handicrafts, Art and Trade Arts are among the profitable and valuable trades if...

Presence in international market

A successful business in international markets requires a curator and professional coordinator.

Solving the problem of selling art items

Photographers, collectors and buyers of art goods usually do not buy art works individually.

Handicraft fields

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